Dear Lord,

I give you thanks and praise for Your amazing grace in the stillness of this early morning. It is a blessing You freely share that reminds me yet again that today can be a fresh beginning filled with opportunities and possibilities. May I embrace every one of them with hope, and make the most of them. 

I am aware, however, that many people awaken today and feel little hope for any type of new beginning. For some, it’s easy to see. For others, it’s hidden and they struggle in isolation. Yet they all feel trapped in a cycle that seems destined to repeat itself day after day with little change. Have mercy on them, Lord. Shower them with Your grace. Help them experience Jesus’ love that frees them from the past and prepares them for new beginnings.

And where I can as I can, let me help freshen the day for someone who needs it by sharing Jesus’ love.

I pray this in his strong name.