There is so much brokenness in our world. Some of it is on an individual level. Some of it impacts nations. Some of it is global in nature. And while I am called to work to make a difference, I am also called to pray for healing.

I pray for healing for those who are caught up in the sin of racism, whether it’s people of color who are it’s victims or individuals who engage in it while denying that’s what they’re doing or those who steward our institutions that perpetuate it.

I pray for healing for those whose lives have been devastated by Covid-19, whether it’s those who grieve the death of loved ones or people who are isolated in retirement centers or those who have lost their jobs.

I pray for healing for our increasingly divided nation, whether it’s those who deepen it for personal gain or so many who feel stuck in the middle desperate for real answers to real problems.

I pray for healing for individuals, whether it’s those with a broken heart or those who are struggling with addiction or people who feel unworthy and unloved.

Lord Jesus, heal us. Do it now. Use me. And may all those who are broken, oppressed, unloved, stuck in poverty and apart from you receive just the healing they need at just the time they need it in just the way they need it. I pray this in your strong name.