Some days I’m filled with hope. Other days, I just try to take care of business. Today, my heart breaks.

My heart breaks that the Covid-19 pandemic has degenerated into a political battlefield instead of a humanitarian crisis that unites us.

My heart breaks that our nation continues to allow Black men to be murdered senselessly, sometimes by those who are called to protect and serve. 

My heart breaks that over 40 million people have lost their jobs and now live in chronic fear about their family’s well-being.

My heart breaks that there are millions of people who struggle day-in and day-out with loneliness, depression and broken hearts.

My heart breaks that children around the world go to bed hungry every night and will never know any other reality.

My heart breaks that millions of people live trapped in the hellish nightmare of addiction.

My heart breaks that social media has become a repository of hate, bigotry and lies that increasingly tear apart the human soul.

My heart breaks that too many people have lost their first love – the One who loves us so much he gave his life in order that we might find ours.

Yes, my heart breaks. But I know this: God is still God, Jesus is still Lord and the Holy Spirit is still present. And that is enough for today.