Your heart rightly breaks over much in life. Sometimes it’s something you’re going through. At other times it involves someone you love. And then there are those times it’s because of the horrific things that happen to people you don’t know. You rightly reach out to God whenever your heart breaks, seeking healing for yourself and interceding for others. And God does. But sometimes, God does something else. God fans the flames of your broken heart into holy outrage so that you speak out, act and work to change things. Indeed, this is exactly what God wants to happen in you when you see millions of children going to bed hungry each night; observe a black man like George Floyd senselessly killed by police officers, and realize it’s part of a much larger pattern in our nation of unrelenting racism; or see the faces of those who are denied adequate medical care because they don’t have financial resources to pay. You should never shy away from holy outrage. You should welcome it. And then you need to do something about it.