By Melinda Shunk

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Like all ministry in the days of COVID-19, we have to do things differently when ministering to children. Vacation Bible School will look very different than the traditional “hands-on” approach in years past. 

Vacation Bible School is a spiritual milestone for kids and it should not be skipped. We are called to be connectional. We are called to make disciples who make disciples. COVID-19 has not taken that call away. We can still answer the call to serve our youngest members; It just has to look different this year.

Several publishing houses have gone to digital uploads to send out to families. Some churches are writing and creating their very own curriculum that is relevant to the times we’re in and a community mission. All are wonderful resources for VBS planning teams in a time when we are limited to what we can create together.

In true Wesleyan fashion, small groups can continue to happen. John and Charles Wesley figured out how to create small groups in a time where they had limited material and great physical distance. Interaction in a small group is what makes VBS a spiritual milestone. Questions are asked, conversations pondered, connections are made, and giggles erupt in VBS small groups. 

We can still create those moments. We can follow our spiritual heritage and do the same with the newfound availability of church members utilizing technology. You may have never helped with VBS before but you may now get a call from your VBS director asking you to Zoom conference or Facetime with 3-5 kids from your church. 

I pray that you jump at this opportunity to spend 30 minutes of your day for one week in this way. Listen to your kids’ thoughts on a Bible story, ask them why they like the song they learned, and pray with them about the concerns on their hearts. 

When we get to come back together as a church, you will have young church members that God will have used to make beautiful spiritual connections for all of you.