I’ve prayed, written and spoken many words during the past several months about the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them have been words of alarm, trying to alert people about how serious a threat it is. Others have been words of lament, grieving the horrific human toll the virus is taking. And still others have been words of hope, trying to discern just how God is in your midst bringing good out of the bad. The fact remains that Covid-19 has reset your life, and will shape you both in ways you have an inkling about and in ways you cannot yet fathom for the rest of your life. But so can the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit can do it far more powerfully than any virus. So begin every day with the words, “Come, Holy Spirit, come!” Utter them all day long. And let them linger on your tongue as you drift off to sleep. Quite simply, you’ll be amazed what happens – virus or no virus.