Here I am, Lord, coming to You just as I am.

I am in awe of You, because You are God. I give You praise, because You have given me life and so many blessings. I give You thanks, because You shower me with so much grace in so many ways that I am filled to overflowing. And, Lord, I will continue to do these things into eternity itself.

I confess to You that my heart breaks today when so many are experiencing the pain that Covid-19 has brought. I don’t understand why so many people have to struggle just to buy food, pay rent and get the medical care they need. I am outraged by the injustices that are perpetuated against people of color in our nation. And, Lord, I will continue to feel things into eternity itself.

I long for people to know that You are far greater than any painful, destructive or unjust thing any human being experiences. I cry out that the saving, healing and transforming power of Jesus will embrace people in these days when they need him so much. I seek the comforting presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit to touch people of faith so their lives are a powerful witness to the Kingdom You are bringing about. And, Lord, I will continue to hope for these things into eternity itself. 

Here I am, Lord, trusting You in all things in the strong name of Jesus.