It’s a day of celebration for our mothers.  

Lord, may our words this day not be trite or contrived because we only say what we think is expected. Rather, may we speak grace-filled words that accept our mothers as human beings who have struggled at times and yet have given, sacrificed and enabled us to experience Your love in so many ways. 

Lord, we know how painful today is for so many people. Too many mothers have been hurt by their children – and too many children have hurt their mothers. Too many mothers grieve the loss of their children – and too many children grieve the loss of their mothers.And too many mothers live with suffocating guilt – and too many children live with guilt as well.

Lord, bless every mother everywhere. Help them experience the fullness of Your love, presence, and healing. Enable them to hear the holy calling You have placed on their lives. Allow them to live out this calling in their own unique way. Empower them to share Your unconditional love with their children. And do all of this in their best and worst moments, in their joy and sorrow and in their youth and their old age.  

We pray this in the strong name of Jesus.