Long ago, Jesus’ followers were gathered in an upper room in Jerusalem; befuddled, lost and uncertain about what was next. Then You sent a sound like a rushing wind that shook the building, and tongues of fire that danced in their midst. It was Your Holy Spirit, empowering those disciples to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel in the languages of every nation on earth. You had birthed Your Church in a burst of divine energy that formed confused individuals into the Body of Christ.

Today, we confess that those of us who follow Jesus are just as befuddled, lost and uncertain about what is next in a world of Covid-19, racism, poverty and hopelessness. Sadly, however, we have failed to acknowledge the reality of our condition. But no longer. We ask You on this Pentecost Sunday to send Your Holy Spirit just as dramatically as You did long ago. Rebirth us so that we come alive as One Body of Christ that boldly and faithfully proclaims the Good News of the Gospel through what we say and, even more importantly, what we do.  

Lord, it is time – past time.

Lord, we are ready – desperately ready.

Come, Holy Spirit, come!