You knew once upon a time, but may have lost touch. You know the truth, but it may not be resonating right now. You long to know with the totality of your being, but it’s a struggle. This is why you need to hear over and over and over that you – yes you – are loved by God more than you can possibly comprehend. God loves you just the way you are, but God also loves you so much God isn’t willing to leave you the way you are. Jesus loves you so much that he willingly died so that you can experience what you absolutely need, but can never get on your own. The Holy Spirit loves you eternally, but also is with you every moment comforting you. Why is this so important to rehearse over and over and over? Because COVID-19 doesn’t just have the power to kill, tear apart families, wreck the economy and turn the planet upside down. It can attack you spiritually – and your best weapon to fight this onslaught is to lean into God’s love like you never have before.