The third chapter of Ecclesiastes begins, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (NIV). Sometimes, it’s hard to figure the season in which you are living. Sometimes, it’s even harder to determine what work you need to accomplish in that season. And sometimes, it’s hardest of all to figure out how God is with you. You are now in a season unlike any other. The planet literally has shut down. You are staying home, spending more time alone or with your family than you ever imagined possible. And you are worried about so many potentially painful things that may occur. Is it possible this could be a season in which, much like Jesus in the wilderness before the start of his ministry, you have the opportunity to draw closer to God? Could this be a season during which you can reflect on what matters most in life? And could this possibly be a season when you can focus more on being than doing? Not only is it possible. If you listen carefully, you will hear God calling you to engage in exactly this work.