I wish COVID-19 had never reared its ugly head. My heart breaks for its victims, their families and the entire world which is suffering because of it. And to be honest, I get angry because it is disproportionately affecting the poor, people of color and those who struggle to survive in the best of times. Yet it is amazing what is happening. People are doing the right thing and staying home. Easter has come and gone, and Christians have discovered innovative and creative ways to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Medical personnel have become our new heroes as they risk their lives to save lives. Individuals with compassionate hearts are reaching out to feed the hungry and help those who are hurting. Millions are discovering they long for a deeper relationship with God that didn’t seem all that important before. And all of us are finding that there are many things in life we thought we had to have that we can do very well without. When I look at what has happened the last five weeks, I give thanks to God for how ordinary human beings have responded to COVID-19 in extraordinary ways.