We know we should begin every day, end every day and fill every day in-between giving You thanks and praise. But sometimes we forget, because we’re overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world. Or at other times, we get so caught up in ourselves that there’s little room for You. And at still other times, we struggle for a whole variety of reasons to experience You as real and loving and compassionate.

We confess to You, Lord.

We don’t like it that we do these things. But we do. And in your mercy You embrace us nonetheless and use all of our struggles to draw us even closer to You.

We thank You, Lord.

We pray today that COVID-19 will not become the greatest reality in life, but Your love will remain so. We pray today that the suffering the world is undergoing will not become the most powerful force in life, but Jesus’ life, death and resurrection will. And we pray today that the despair overwhelming so many will not be the most important defining experience in life, but the Holy Spirit’s presence and power will.

We trust You, Lord.

We pray all of this – and so much more – in the strong name of Jesus.