This Holy Week is so different than any we have ever experienced before. It’s hard, so very hard, in so many ways. And so here we are, sharing our deepest hopes, and even more importantly, ourselves with You.

May we experience that Holy Week is Holy because of what You are doing in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and not because we participate in a week of worship and events.

May we discover how to grow more deeply in love with Jesus and follow him with more devotion than ever before, even though our walk with him this Holy Week will be different than ever before. 

May we be so empowered by the Holy Spirit that people experience Jesus’ life-giving, transforming and eternity-changing grace, even if they are not sitting in our pews. 

May we discover that we are fully the Body of Christ connected to each other because of whose we are, and not merely because we are able to gather in person. 

May we see new creative possibilities for proclaiming the Good News, touching lives of people we normally never get the chance to touch and serving those who are battered by COVID-19, even though we are having to do it in brand new ways. 

We pray these things in the strong, strong name of Jesus.