COVID-19 is teaching me so much. Actually, it’s more appropriate to say that seeing how those of you who love Jesus are responding to COVID-19 is teaching me so much. I see laity buying food for their elderly friends who have to self-quarantine, and putting it on their front porch. Congregations who are taking their food pantries to the streets so those who are hungry can still be served. Children’s ministers who are making online family Christian activities available. Pastors who are learning to livestream Bible studies and small groups. And on and on and on. So what am I learning from you as you do these things? When your love of Jesus is compelling enough, your mission clear enough, your passion contagious enough and your commitment deep enough – you will find ways to be Jesus’ disciples who transform lives, communities and the world regardless of what’s going on in the world. That’s because faith is never strangled by a crisis, it always flourishes in a crisis!