What have you discovered about God during the COVID-19 pandemic? This is a crucial question, because you discover what truly matters about God much more clearly when your life is turned upside down than when things are going well. Hopefully, you’ve discovered that it’s easier to be authentic in your relationship with God now than when you were in control of your life and somehow were convinced you needed to convince God how good you are. Hopefully, you’ve discovered just how serious Jesus is about reaching out to you just as you are, and that all he wants you is to love him passionately and trust him completely just as you are. Hopefully, you’ve discovered that the Holy Spirit blows through your life every single day enabling you to live with integrity, joy, compassion and hope in the most difficult circumstances. In other words, God’s grace is so transformative that God is even able to use a horrific pandemic to help you discover deep well-springs of faith that will enrich your life forever more.