Your kids’ schools have closed. You have to work from home. You’re told not to go to church. And on top of all of that, you are supposed to stay home and remain isolated. It’s hard to process all the things you are suddenly having to do differently without having any time to prepare. But you are doing it. In fact, you are discovering that many of the things you have thought were so important aren’t nearly as important as you have assumed – and you are suddenly gaining greater clarity about what matters most in life. What is more, you are realizing you don’t necessarily want to go back to the way things were – and you are going to do your best to ensure that you don’t when life becomes ‘normal’ again. But the most awesome thing of all is how Jesus keeps showing up to assure you that there is nothing that can separate you from him when you are in a relationship with him. Not even this COVID-19 Pandemic.