Think about all the ways life has dramatically altered. Sports – and the watching of sports – are on hiatus. Schools are closed. Bars and restaurants are doing takeout only. Shelves in stores are empty. And you are being told to stay home and away from others. You can become depressed, fearful and angry OR you can see your situation as a wonderful opportunity. You now have time to call people who are lonely and listen, laugh and pray with them. You can connect more deeply with your family in new and creative ways. And, perhaps most importantly, you can deepen your relationship with God through increased prayer, Bible reading and conversations with spiritual friends. Change is hard. Losing something you are used to is even harder. But the God who sent God’s only Son – Jesus, our Lord and Savior – right into the midst of a broken and hurting world is with you right now in the middle of this crisis. Remember, Jesus never wastes a crisis. And neither should you.