COVID-19 is getting real. You see it in big ways – like the accelerating number of people testing positive, shut-downs of entire states and the tanking of the worldwide economy. You see it in more personal ways – like the lack of toilet paper on grocery shelves, not being able to eat in your favorite restaurant and the reality that you have been laid off. And you also see it reflected in your soul as you struggle with the realization that this is not going away in the next several weeks. It’s a lot to absorb in a short period of time. No wonder you are overwhelmed, frightened and uncertain about the future. But you are not alone, even as you feel isolated. The God who sent his only Son, Jesus, as one of us right into the midst of the world in all its struggles in order to redeem it, is entering into the midst of your life right now with healing, strength and hope. So look for him, welcome him and receive the grace he is freely offering you right now.