I seem to spend a lot of time asking You for help. Admittedly, sometimes it’s petty. Sometimes, probably more than I want to own up to, it’s selfish. But sometimes it’s truly significant. And sometimes it’s even a matter of life and death. Then, depending on what happens, I thank You appropriately.

How crazy is that? My thanks should come first, not be dependent upon my opinion of what I think You may or may not have done in a particular instance. I could thank You for eternity for all You do, and it would never be enough. Which means I need to start right now. 

Thank You for Your love in Jesus.
Thank You for being present in my life.
Thank You for the forgiveness You grant.
Thank You for healing that comes from the inside out.
Thank You for holy transformation.
Thank You for Your gifts of generosity, compassion and love.
Thank You for the privilege of serving in Your name.
Thank You for Your vision that guides me.
Thank You for true hope in Jesus that never diminishes. 

I pray this in the strong, strong name of Jesus.