And so another year begins. You’re probably both glad to leave behind many things from 2019, as well as filled with a myriad of hopes and dreams for 2020. On this day, my heart is filled with hopes, dreams and prayers that you will have 2020 vision in the coming year.

May you be overwhelmed by the reality of God’s always seeking, passionate and unconditional love.

May you experience life that comes from following Jesus – your Savior, Lord, brother and friend – in everything you do.

May you become so compassionate you are compelled to reach out to help those who are burdened, broken or struggling.

May you grow in wisdom that enables you to navigate difficult situations and people in faithful ways.

May you lead the way in overcoming the polarization which so insidiously divides the church, our nation and too many of your relationships.

May you be filled with the Holy Spirit so that you know joy in every situation, regardless of the circumstances.

May you allow God to make 2020 a grace-filled year beyond your wildest dreams.