The Season of Joy

Last December, I wrote a From the Editor titled “The Season of Outrage.”

The idea came to me after observing the craziness on social media and in the news surrounding people who went viral over the so-called “War on Christmas.”

Everywhere you looked, there was someone getting outraged over the color of a coffee cup or a greeting of “happy holidays” rather than the traditional “Merry Christmas.”

And it was absolutely exhausting. It made me really wonder if Christmas — the way we had glitzed and glammed it up to be a holiday about consumerism and gimme gimme gimme, rather than a reflection on hope, joy, and the birth of Christ — was really worth it anymore.

But this year, I want to reflect on something else; joy.

This year, rather than getting mad at the people getting mad, I want to be joyful about the things that should bring joy to every one of us.

Number one on my list of things to be joyful about is the family with which I’ve been blessed.

I have a beautiful, intelligent, strong wife who keeps me humble when I’m being stubborn, laughs with me when I’m being goofy and shows me wondrous love when I’m feeling alone.

I have an amazing job that allows me to visit with people all over this great state, hear their stories, and try as best I can to tell that story to others who need to hear it.

I have a roof over my head, two happy (and fat) fur babies, a car that gets me from home to work and back again, and a supportive family that has been the perfect illustration of love I needed to reflect that love back to my own little family.

I also have eggnog! And pumpkin pie! And a new Star Wars movie coming out this month! (Hey, not everything has to be serious and sentimental when you’re thinking about joy).

So this season, I’m not outraged; I’m joyful. I’m celebrating everything I can think of.

And I hope you are able to find that joy in your life, no matter how small, and celebrate it, too.

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