Thank You for the gift of this day in which I have the opportunity to experience blessings upon blessings that come in so many different ways.

Thank You for the people in my life who love me as I am, allow me to love them, and help me experience the most important things in life.

Thank You for Your presence with every breath I take that accepts me as I am, forgives me, heals me, chides me as needed, and brings me into a closer and closer relationship with you.

Thank You for the privilege I have of experiencing Jesus as my Lord and Savior, of being able to follow him into a life in which I can compassionately serve him, and of sharing his love that changes everything about everything for real people in real life. 

Thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit that seeks me out just where I am and offers me strength, power and transforms me into the person You have uniquely created me to be. 

Yes, thank You, Lord. Today to be certain. But every day – into eternity itself.