It’s easy to see everything that’s wrong in the world. But there’s also so much that’s so right. Sadly, however, it’s easy to overlook it. Minimize it. And say it doesn’t matter. But it does, Lord. Because this is how You’re at work through everyday saints.

     Who don’t care about the spotlight.

     Who don’t care about the acclaim of others.

      And who don’t make it more about themselves than You.

They’re ordinary people who do extraordinary things – because they’ve been transformed by Your love. People who long to share what You’ve shared with them – grace upon grace. People who bring real transformation – in lives, families, churches, schools and neighborhoods.

Thank You for these people. Who quietly live Your love. Who do so with humility,  Who ask nothing in return. Who don’t spend time judging others and telling them what to do. They simply live. And love. And then love some more.

May I become more like them starting right now in Jesus’ name.