The drums of war beat around the world. The cries of hungry children cannot be silenced. The despair of hopelessness hangs like a heavy cloud. The pain of millions is evident at every turn.

And I wonder what You are going to do about it.

I confess it sometimes seems to be hard to be a Jesus-follower in a world filled with so much pain, suffering and – dare I say it – sin. I long for You to give answers that explain, miracles that heal and hope that overcomes the desperation that seems to overwhelm me every direction I turn. 

But too often it continues. Indeed, seems to get worse.

So, Lord, I come back to You. To delve deeply into the mystery of Your love that absolutely accepts, yet completely transforms. To ask You to do what I absolutely need but can never do on my own – save me. And to seek Your power that You want me to unleash in as many ways as I can in the midst of the pain, suffering and sin which I will encounter today.  

So here is my prayer for this day, “May it be so, Lord. May it be so.”