Symposium Celebrates 200 Years of Methodism on the Western Frontier

Symposium Celebrates 200 Years of Methodism on the Western Frontier

A two-day event celebrating Methodism’s history on the Western Frontier will take place Sept. 21, 2019 at Southeast Missouri State University, 1 University Plaza, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701.

This exciting and informative event will examine the spread of Methodism west of the Mississippi River and will feature a range of topics including African Americans in Early American Methodism, Methodism & Western Expansion, Midwestern Mason-Dixon Methodism, John Wesley’s Optimism of Grace and more.

Speakers for the event include Dr. Henry H. Knight III, Dr. Robert J. Williams, Dr. John Wigger, Dr. Frank Nickell, Rev. Dr. John Gooch, Rev. Dr. Russell Richey, Larry Tucker, Dr. William Eddleman, Dr. Adam Criblez an the Hon. Stephen Limbaugh Jr.

Site visits to McKendree Chapel, the oldest Protestant church West of the Mississippi River, are also part of the agenda.

To register for the event, visit Registration is $40 and includes lunch, dinner, breaks and a copy of the book Old McKendree Chapel by Frank C. Turner. Students may attend for free.

Take Time

There are a myriad of people who help you countless times in small and big ways every single day. It’s easy to take them for granted even if you don’t mean to. So make a special effort today to treat the people who help you as if God has sent them. Give God thanks for them. And then take the time to look them in the eye, smile and say, “Thank you so much! God bless you!” It may seem like a small thing to you. But it sure won’t be to them.

A Sunday Prayer

Okay, Lord, it’s another day.

I know You’ve gifted me with life. Love me more than I can possibly imagine. Are reaching out to heal, help and transform me. And have something You want me to do today.

But what I know in my head is not always in my heart. What’s in my heart is not always in my words. And what’s in my words is not always in my actions.

So, Lord, help me in spite of me to celebrate the gift of this day. Live every minute fully until I fall asleep exhausted. Experience all the things You’re doing in my life. Get serious about doing what You’re calling me to do. And give You all honor, praise and glory!

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus – Amen.

Just Like You

You see family members dealing with life-threatening illnesses, an economy that’s struggling, starving children in countries far away and hungry children in neighborhoods close by, terrorism that spans the political spectrum, and on and on and on. It’s a never-ending litany that threatens to suck the joy right out of life. And while God may not get as many headlines as these horrible realities, the fact of the matter is that God is hard at work in a most unexpected way in every pain-filled moment – inviting people just like you to share Jesus’ love.

Pay God’s Grace Forward

God keeps loving you in spite of what you do. This amazing grace is often all that gets you through the day. So why do you so often treat others with judgment, disdain or indifference? There may be a number of excuses. But there’s no good reason. So when you are cut off in traffic, make room for the next car. Encounter a person spouting political ideas diametrically opposed to yours, say a kind word. And treated rudely, smile. It may be a challenge. But you will be paying God’s grace forward.