Time to De-Clutter

When you move, you discover how much stuff you have. So you pack some, toss some and vow you’re going to de-clutter your life. But it’s not just stuff that clutters your life. It’s also mistakes, bad feelings, things others have done to you and painful experiences. So while you try to get rid of them, they inevitably seem to pile up deeper and deeper, cluttering your life. That’s why it’s time to invite God to de-clutter your life the God way – by forgiving, healing and helping you grow from all you’ve gone through.  

God Frees You From You

Too many people go through life feeling they’re not worthy, are convinced they can’t make an impact and believe in their heart of hearts that others don’t really value them. In other words, they are prisoners of their worst selves. But God’s freeing love in Jesus sets you free from being a prisoner to you. It allows you to revel in God’s glory, enables you to embrace that you are a child of God and offers you the assurance that you can face anything that happens because “all is well!”  

The Holy Spirit Always Has Your Back

A God-driven life is really pretty simple. You love God, follow Jesus, serve others and love yourself. And you do this 24/7. But knowing about a God-driven life and actually living it are two radically different things. That’s because thinking is always easier than doing, especially when it comes to how you allocate time, what attitudes you cultivate, the way you spend your money and how you deal with people you would rather forget. So remember this when you wonder whether you can do it. The Holy Spirit always has your back. 

Shoal Creek Campground Celebrates 60 Years of Faith and Fun

Shoal Creek Campground Celebrates 60 Years of Faith and Fun

Since the summer of 1959, Shoal Creek Camp — a United Methodist summer camp located between Midway and New Blaine, Arkansas — has helped eager campers from across the Conference experience family, fun and the wonderful beauty of God’s creation in a traditional rustic camp setting.

This summer, the camp is celebrating 60 years of camping ministry with a birthday celebration from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Sept. 7. 

Campers, both current and past, are invited to attend this celebration at the campground. The party will have games, swimming, live music on the porch provided by Native Pines, free food, fellowship and a short program at 1:30p.m.

In addition to its birthday celebration, the camp is proud of some of its new additions and ammenities, including adding bathrooms to Kelley Hall, a Nine Square area in the Air Court, and another heated and air-conditioned cabin. The camp also welcomed a new caretaker this summer, Connie Parker.

Check out the camp’s Facebook Page for more information on the 60-year birthday celebration.

Pictures from some of this year’s camps can be viewed below.

Outrageous Grace

Life is perplexing, complex and too often tragic. While it seems increasingly difficult to survive, you actually can thrive. That’s because God is showering you with love so unexpected, so over-the-top and so radical it can only be described as outrageous grace. So why does God do this? God loves you enough to get involved in the messiness of your life regardless of what you have done or has been done to you. Enough to free you through forgiveness and healing. And enough to help you live every single day the God way.