A Common Word from the Council of Bishops

Thursday, May 9, 2019 The Council of Bishops offers a pastoral and prophetic word in response to the decisions of the Special Session and the codification of some of these decisions in our Book of Discipline. Bishops are not judges or legislators. Bishops are preachers, teachers, shepherds, mediators, and missional strategists who appoint clergy and […]

More Than Marital Status
5 Things Your Church can do to Welcome Singles

Statistically, single people are much less likely to attend church. I once heard someone say in a leadership institute, “the church doesn’t know what to do with single people.” While this is true, I believe the ways we connect with singles are applicable to the ways we connect with lots of different people: Be Hospitable […]

Choosing Where to Start

Your life is impacted by the political drama unfolding in Washington, the world economy, and realities like climate change, artificial intelligence and the billions who live in poverty so oppressive they barely survive. Yet it often seems as if you can do little to shape these things that shape you. At the same time, you […]