The “Realer” Life of the Resurrection

I’ve been thinking a lot about real life. Things like cancer, the opioid crisis, sex trafficking, my own mortality, and what the division in the United Methodist Church means for the future. I’ll be honest, doing this can be hazardous for my spiritual health; or, at least, raise my level of anxiety.

At the same time, I’ve also been pondering something I can best describe as “realer” life. It’s what I experience in the resurrection of Jesus Christ that has the power to overcome death, sin, hatred, hopelessness and the worst real life has to offer. Focusing on “realer” life gives me hope I know can only come from God.

It takes an incredible amount of faith for me to see “realer” life in the midst of real life. Faith God created all that is. Faith God has made humanity (even me!) in God’s image. Faith God is so personally involved that God sent Jesus to do what I absolutely need but never do on my own – save me through the amazing grace of the cross. Faith God wants me to grow in grace. And faith God has unleashed in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead the greatest power in the universe.

This kind of faith – stumbling and bumbling as mine is at times – does something astounding. It enables me to experience how every bit of real life is transformed through the “realer” life God offers in the resurrection. Not just long ago on that Easter Sunday, when the women discovered the tomb was empty, but also right now!

I know more than I want to know about real life because I live it every single day. I’m grateful Jesus is helping me experience more and more of the “realer” life he is unleashing as he makes all things new. Sure, this is a journey that lasts a lifetime – and beyond. And, yes, it is spiritual. Perhaps, even mystical. But isn’t that the point? To be so shaped by the “realer” life of Jesus’ resurrection that what I see is transformed, what I experience is transformed, and what I do is transformed because I am being transformed.

He is risen – He is risen, indeed!

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