It’s the beginning of a week marked by so many powerful events – Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  

But too often I get so caught up in the pageantry that I miss the meaning. Gloss over what really happened. And fail to let it sink in. Then, when Easter is done, I’m the same as I was before.

Forgive me for trivializing what You have done. Let it be different this year – let me be different this year. Touch me with the depth of Jesus’ love in a new way. Enable me to experience the lengths to which He has gone more powerfully than ever before. And so infuse me with the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that it grabs my soul and never lets go.

So here I am. A bit uncertain about what it all will mean. But ready – so ready – to be touched, changed and transformed.

May it be so in the strong name of Jesus.