A single mother reared seven children. She was poor in material resources, but rich in spirit. Her children were all outstanding students and citizens, participated in school activities and sports, and had deep faith and were active in church. They were loving, kind and respectful. It was such a wonderful story the local paper sent a reporter to interview her. The young reporter assigned the task was inspired as he listened to the woman, but also wanted to spice up the story. Finally, almost desperate to get something, he said to the woman, “Your children are wonderful. Respected by all. Outstanding students. And now the last, like all the others before her, is about to go to college. Surely one of them is your favorite.” The woman smiled and replied, “I love them all.” The reporter responded, “Of course, but surely there’s one.” After thinking a moment, the mother said, “You’re right, there is.” Finally seeing the bit of controversy he wanted, the reporter said, “Which one?” The mother said, “I love the one the most who’s hurting the most in the moment.” This is who we should be as Jesus’ followers – being concerned right now about loving LGBTQIA persons the most because they are hurting the most.