Saint Paul School of Theology’s Probation Lifted by the Higher Learning Commission

Saint Paul School of Theology is pleased to report that the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has changed the seminary’s status from “Accredited – Probation” to “Accredited”. Per the HLC Public Disclosure Statement:

“The Higher Learning Commission has removed the sanction of Probation for Saint Paul School of Theology in Leawood, Kansas. HLC took this action based on the institution’s ability to demonstrate it now meets HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. It was placed on Probation in February 2017 when it was determined to be out of compliance with HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation.”

For 60 years, Saint Paul School of Theology has supplied excellence in theological education, and our previous challenges have inspired us to strive beyond excellence. We are excited about our future and thank you for your continued support of the seminary’s mission.

Saint Paul School of Theology is a seminary of the United Methodist Church with one mission in two locations. Our Oklahoma campus thrives in a collaboration with Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and, in partnership with the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, our Kansas Campus serves the Greater Kansas City Metro Area in Leawood, Kansas. Students learn from dedicated faculty, experienced pastors, and community leaders about best ministry practices. Our graduates leave with tools and first-hand experience necessary to meet the needs of a changing world.


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