Getting Right with God

What do you do when life threatens to overwhelm you? Sometimes, you assert yourself and take charge. At other times, you give up and just let it happen. But something’s missing from both of these approaches – you’re forgetting that God loves you so much God wants to be involved in every single part of your life. So when life’s at its toughest, let God’s love fill your soul, God’s strength become your strength and God’s vision guide you. It’s amazing how much better everything works when you start by getting right with God.

A Sunday Prayer 3/24/19


I’ve noticed how easy it is for me to become judgmental, arrogant and self-righteous. To think I know everything about everything. And to act like it, without even being aware that’s what I’m doing.

Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me for forgetting You. Forgive me for trying to be You. Forgive me for hurting others. But don’t just forgive me, Lord. Help me change – deeply when need be, even if it’s painful – by starting in Your grace.

Make me more graceful in everything I do. More understanding of what others are going through. More compassionate, even when it’s hard. More generous with my heart, time, skills and money. And more and more and more loving.

I know You’ve got a big job working with me, Lord. But I know You’re up to it. And I’m ready. Lord, how I’m ready.

So let’s get started!

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus – Amen.


A Free Gift

You have a shameful secret buried deep inside you. So you walk through life believing God can’t really love you because of what you’ve done. But God knows every single secret about you and still loves you. Unconditionally. Passionately. Just as you are. Forever. And not only that, God can’t wait to free you from that shameful secret by forgiving you, helping you leave it behind, and turning that secret into a strength. Sound impossible? To humans, yes. To Jesus, not so much. After all, this is exactly the free gift he’s offering you.

Someone Somewhere

Someone somewhere needs prayer. That person doesn’t need you to ponder whether prayer works, how to pray or what’s acceptable to pray for. That person just needs you to pray. And to do it right now. Sure, you may find yourself praying for someone you don’t know, feeling clueless about what to pray for and discovering you’re way outside your comfort zone. But all of your feelings about praying pale in comparison to one simple fact: someone somewhere desperately needs prayer right now – and you’re just the person to do it.  

Thanks God!

You believe that God loves you, promises to be with you and wants to help you. But sometimes it seems that God is nowhere to be found. And that’s hard. So much so, it’s not all that big of leap from wondering where God is to stopping to look for God, getting mad at God or even losing faith in God. That’s why you need to remember – especially in your toughest moments – that God’s here even when you don’t feel like God’s here. So don’t spend today wondering, “Where’s God?” Spend today proclaiming, “Thanks God!”