Too many people spend their lives hearing ‘You’re no good’ until they believe ‘I’m no good’.  Are you going to be one of these people, or are you going to be listening to a different message? Hopefully you’re going to be a God-Hearer and embrace God’s message that you are loved as if you are the only person ever born, you have a unique purpose in life, and you are the recipient of God’s take-the-initiative, it-doesn’t-matter-what’s-going-on and never-give-up love. It’s actually a pretty simple choice. And if you haven’t done so before, today’s a great time to make it.

Disaster Response aids in aftermath of Yellville tornado


There was a lot going on in the middle of the country to begin February. It felt like winter to the north and west, but conditions were more like spring in Arkansas. With vastly different air masses colliding, there was a wide variety of weather conditions. Areas of snow and ice were ongoing during the wee hours of Feb. 7 from the Plains to the upper Midwest. In milder air from southern Missouri to the Ohio Valley, there was a potential for severe storms in Northern Arkansas.

The event started with thunderstorms moving from Northeast Oklahoma into Northwest Arkansas around 2 a.m. CST. Initially, storms struggled to become severe. One storm managed to ramp up as it headed from Northwest Searcy County into Southern Marion County.

According to the National Weather Service in Little Rock, shortly before 4:30 a.m. CST, this storm produced a weak tornado (rated EF1) south of Yellville (Marion County). It was the first tornado of 2019 in the state. Numerous trees and power lines were downed, with a few trees landing on houses and blocking Highway 14 temporarily. Several mobile homes were destroyed. At least three people were trapped in damaged structures, with one injury reported.

Preliminary assessments by emergency management identified nine homes damaged and two destroyed as of Feb. 12.

The American Red Cross referred two survivors they feel will need further assistance. Emergency Management referred one and confirmed the previous two from Red Cross.

Byron and Janice Mann of Arkansas Conference Disaster Response spoke with the three families whose homes were destroyed and who needed assistance in recovery. Resources are very limited after completing the last recovery project. Anyone wanting to help can donate at www.arumc.org or designate “Disaster Response” and mail to: Arkansas Conference P.O. Box 55588 Little Rock, AR 72215

Disaster Response WANTS YOU!

Local church involvement when disaster strikes is vital in assisting individuals and families affected. Disaster Response wants to help local churches understand how important they are as partners in this ministry. We would love to come talk to your group, class, or church and begin a partnership that will make a meaningful difference when disaster strikes. Contact Janice at disaster@arumc.org to find out more.

Disaster Basic Early Response Team Training

Saturday, April 6, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Harrison FUMC Email disaster@arumc.org to register. Registration deadline is Monday, April 1. Registration fee is $20 to cover training materials and lunch.

Temporary housing

Many times after a disaster, temporary housing in the form of a camper home is a good match for an individual, couple or small family. Sometimes other forms of temporary housing are not feasible for whatever reason. Disaster response has provided a used camper home on several occasions in certain situations. Anyone who has a retired camper trailer and is ready to part with it, please consider donating it to a family affected by disaster. A donation receipt for the market value can be provided. Contact Byron at vim@arumc.org for more information.

Current In-Conference VIM projects:

  • • ECHO Village
  • • Crawford County Tornado Recovery
  • • Delta Dream Facility Repair

Contact Byron at vim@arumc.org for more information and to schedule.

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We’re on the website now!!

Arkansas Volunteers in Mission and Disaster Response now has a page on the arumc.org website.

Check it out at https://arumc.org/our-ministries/vim-and-dr/

There is lots of good information there for individuals, teams, and local churches.

Getting Right with God

What do you do when life threatens to overwhelm you? Sometimes, you assert yourself and take charge. At other times, you give up and just let it happen. But something’s missing from both of these approaches – you’re forgetting that God loves you so much God wants to be involved in every single part of your life. So when life’s at its toughest, let God’s love fill your soul, God’s strength become your strength and God’s vision guide you. It’s amazing how much better everything works when you start by getting right with God.

A Sunday Prayer 3/24/19


I’ve noticed how easy it is for me to become judgmental, arrogant and self-righteous. To think I know everything about everything. And to act like it, without even being aware that’s what I’m doing.

Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me for forgetting You. Forgive me for trying to be You. Forgive me for hurting others. But don’t just forgive me, Lord. Help me change – deeply when need be, even if it’s painful – by starting in Your grace.

Make me more graceful in everything I do. More understanding of what others are going through. More compassionate, even when it’s hard. More generous with my heart, time, skills and money. And more and more and more loving.

I know You’ve got a big job working with me, Lord. But I know You’re up to it. And I’m ready. Lord, how I’m ready.

So let’s get started!

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus – Amen.


A Free Gift

You have a shameful secret buried deep inside you. So you walk through life believing God can’t really love you because of what you’ve done. But God knows every single secret about you and still loves you. Unconditionally. Passionately. Just as you are. Forever. And not only that, God can’t wait to free you from that shameful secret by forgiving you, helping you leave it behind, and turning that secret into a strength. Sound impossible? To humans, yes. To Jesus, not so much. After all, this is exactly the free gift he’s offering you.