It’s a new day, but deep pain lingers from what occurred in the United Methodist Church yesterday. It’s a new day, but the anger so many are feeling has not dissipated. It’s a new day, but the exclusion LGBTQIA persons are experiencing from their church feels like a crushing weight. It’s a new day, but the fact of the matter is the United Methodist Church is deeply wounded. This is the reality we face today. Not the reality of what we would like things to be, but the reality of the way they are. It is the reality we must begin to address. It will be hard, involve a great deal of prayer and hard conversations, and must be grounded in grace. Perhaps most of all, it means we must seek a new way forward that breaks the ‘winners and losers’ cycle of polarization that has captured our collective soul. So here is our work. We must reach out in love to those who are hurting the most and welcome them into our hearts. We must care for each other, especially when that is difficult. And we must begin to talk about how we can find unity – even if it is a brand new kind of unity – in a broken church with broken people. Come Holy Spirit.