We’ve made it through another year. Sometimes there was great joy. At other times tremendous pain and struggle. And at still other times, unforeseen changes.

But now we’re at the beginning of a New Year. Once again we mysteriously find our souls filled with hopes and dreams about our lives, our loved ones, our world and You.This is not just trivial stuff. It’s deep and powerful, and our spirits know that You are where we find our answers even when we’re not always sure what the questions are.

So we come to You. Grateful beyond words that You give us what we absolutely need but can never get on our own regardless of who we are or what we’ve done. Grace that heals, prods, molds, challenges and transforms. Generous hearts that actually change how we deal with others. Abounding joy that is contagious even on our worst days. Hope that plants seeds everywhere we go.

And now our journey continues. We know we will experience joy, pain, change, challenges and struggles in the coming year. But even more importantly, we know we don’t go alone into the unknown future for one very simple reason. You have sent the One who cannot wait to take us where You know we need to go – Your Son who is our Savior, our Lord, our Brother and our Friend.

Thank You.