George H. W. Bush passed away late last week, following his beloved Barbara who preceded him in death mere months ago. He lived an exemplary life, but it was not always easy. He experienced defeat, tasted disappointment and, like all of us, probably wished he could have had some do-overs. Yet it has been truly amazing, and also incredibly heart-warming, to watch the tributes of so many people pour out this past weekend, including endless tweets and posts. The words are genuine, the appreciation real and the loss deep for this man who lived a life of service, treated people with a fundamental decency and did not let differences, even political ones, turn into feuds. He showed us in an age of polarization, self-centeredness and transactional relationships what it means to put people above politics, others above self, and a generous heart above self-interest. Maybe our deep sense of loss exists, at least in part, because he has reminded us what we truly long for. Rest in Jesus’ arms, George H. W. Bush.