It’s Christmas Eve. You may rush from sun’s first light until after midnight to ensure the perfect holiday, revel in the joyful chaos of gathered family, and gather with brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Or your day may be very different. You may struggle with deep depression, find no joy because someone you love is hurting, and only grudgingly go to church out of some sense of obligation. But here’s the thing about Christmas Eve. It’s plunked down in the middle of real life just like it was 2,000 years ago. And that means what was true then is still true now. God is so passionately in love with you that God has come as a human being to save you. While you may struggle to comprehend how this could be, you know it has staked a claim in your heart that holds fast. So regardless of what your life is like this Christmas Eve, pause and ponder the deepest mystery of the birth of Mary’s baby boy. You are not alone because God has come to you and is never going away.