These days before Christmas remind us yet again how You shared the light of Your love, joy, hope and peace with the world in Jesus.

How sad it is that we too often lose sight of Your light in the bright glare of neon lights of stores trying to sell happiness, car headlights taking us here and there in a frenzied holiday hurry, spotlights we shine on ourselves and the beautiful twinkling lights that inevitably cover up the truth of the manger. Yet what we do does not change what You do. The light of the world still burns brightly and nothing ever will extinguish it.

Thank You for Your light that keeps beckoning us. Help us journey ever closer to it in the coming days with growing faith, deep reverence and increasing expectation. And may it forever shine Your love, joy, hope and peace in our lives.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, our Savior, Lord, brother and friend.