We have awakened again and are greeted by a new day that draws us ever closer to Christmas. The calendar reminds us why the parties, celebrations and activities of the season swirl around us. Your Spirit reminds us why we need time and space to prepare for what you are doing in the birth of Jesus long ago and here and now.

To save us because we need it and are incapable of doing it ourselves. To heal us because life has battered us or we have battered others. To renew us when we are burdened to the point of breaking. To offer us hope when we have lost ours. And to fill us with so much compassion that the only thing we can do is get involved in the lives of others, especially those who are so easily forgotten.

So, Lord, help us get ready for the birth of the Jesus in our lives. We pray this with some uncertainty and fear because we know we will never be the same. But we also pray it with far more longing, anticipation and hope because we know it is our destiny.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!