Celebrate MARCHA Sunday on Oct. 14

Sisters and Brothers, I greet you in the name of Christ our Redeemer.

MARCHA is the voice for the Hispanic/Latino community within the United Methodist Church (UMC) and the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico and it advocates for justice, equity, and peace. MARCHA plays an important role in the formation and development of the Hispanic/Latino congregations and leadership, since 1970.

Last month MARCHA held its 47th Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC. Over 150 leaders from across the United States and Puerto Rico gathered for meaningful times of worship, fellowship, learning, and generative conversations about how to cultivate genuine unity that honors and celebrates our multi-faceted diversity so that we can be a witness of Christ love, mercy and justice in a world in need of God’s healing.

On Sunday, October 14, 2018, join United Methodists congregations and leaders, as we observe “MARCHA Sunday” and celebrate the important ministry of MARCHA and its contributions to the Hispanic/Latino community and the church.

Ways you and your congregation can celebrate MARCHA Sunday:

  • Pray for the leadership and ministry of MARCHA.
  • Take a few minutes during the worship service to share about the ministry of MARCHA.
  • Take an offering to support the ministry of MARCHA. The prophetic work of MARCHA depends on the support of leaders like you. You can also collect the offering on an alternate date at your convenience.  Send your contributions to:

241 Circle View Drive
Franklin, TN 37067

Visit www.marchaumc.org to learn more about the mission and work of MARCHA and explore ways you and your congregation can be part of the vision, mission and work on behalf of the Hispanic/Latino community.  Thank you for your continued support for MARCHA.

Tod@s somos MARCHA,

Bishop Elías Galván,
MARCHA Executive Director

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