The world is polarized right now. As is America. As is the church. We’re stuck in a seemingly never-ending and no-win feedback loop that’s propelling us to be angrier, more self-justifying and more demonizing of others. I’m not blaming anyone because – in so many ways – this cultural phenomenon is so powerful it has a way of sucking us up, and shaping and molding us without even being fully aware what is happening. However, those of us who try to live as Jesus’ followers do not have the luxury of simply going along with the way things are. We are called to be difference-makers. And while I don’t think there’s any magical ‘big fix’, I fervently believe we can make simple everyday choices beginning right now without sacrificing those ideas to which we are strongly committed. So begin by remembering that person who so infuriates you because of how he is acting or what she is saying is someone for whom Jesus died. Begin by seeing that person the way Jesus sees him or her right now. And begin by praying for that person, as difficult as it may be. When all is said and done, it’s not so much about how other people change to break the destructive cycle we’re all in – it’s what you and I choose to do in the name, spirit and power of Jesus.