There are so many responsibilities I have to take care of. So many things that seem so critically important. So many distractions that sidetrack me. Which means it’s often so easy for me to end up giving You the leftovers.

My leftover heart.

My leftover passion.

My leftover energy.

My leftover time.

My leftover commitment.

My leftover love.

I confess I have all kinds of excuses about why I do this. But when I’m honest, I know they ring hollow. So help me face the truth, honestly confess and do things in a brand new way starting right now.

By trusting You with all of me.

Giving You all of me.

And loving You with all of me.

It may not seem like much. In fact, it may not be much. But it’s all that You want – forever and ever.

I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.