It hardly seems possible that it’s been so long since that day when our nation was attacked. When thousands of innocent people perished. When everything came tumbling down around us. And when there seemed to be only disbelief, fear, confusion and outrage.

But we also remember something else about those days. How we came together. How we were united as one. And how we were at our best on those worst of days.

All of that has changed, however, as we remember that day. Our nation is now horribly divided. Hatred reigns. Violence, terrorism and utter disregard for life seem to rule the day. And we wonder whether all the things we cherish most will come tumbling down around us.

So we call out to You not just with words, but also with our souls, “Help us arise from the ashes of destruction. Enable us to be holders of hope. Empower us to work for reconciliation. And lead us to build bridges to the future You dream for all Your children so that once again we can be our best – or perhaps more to the point, Your best.

We pray this in Jesus’ name – Amen.