This is a day to celebrate fathers. But as a father, I know it’s really about children. And so I am grateful from the depths of my soul to be blessed with wonderful children who are healthy, compassionate and loving.

But this Fathers’ Day is not just about my children. It’s about Your children. Especially those who need a father’s love the most.

I pray for children who don’t have a father’s love in their lives.

I pray for children who are hungry, sick or the victims of war.

I pray for children whose parents are incapable of caring for them.

I pray for children who live in such abject poverty they have little hope of a better future.

I pray for children who are abused by those who should care for them.

I pray for children who grow up not knowing Jesus’ love.

I pray for those immigrant children at our border with Mexico who are being cruelly separated from their parents.

Lord, pour out Your grace, healing and hope on these children. At the same time, quicken the hearts, convert the consciences, and challenge men and women to see how You are calling them to get involved in the lives of Your children.

I pray this in the loving, powerful and transforming name of Jesus.