Dear Lord,

Sometimes it hits me so powerfully I have no choice but to realize just how much I’ve failed, fallen short, messed up, hurt others and disappointed You.

It’s hard – really hard – to face this fact. So I try to explain it away. Look for the upside. Make excuses. And do everything I can to convince myself it could have been worse.

But what I’ve come to realize that what I really need to do is just admit what You and I both know – I’ve blown it. When I am courageous enough to take this step, the most amazing thing happens. I am overwhelmed by Your love. I experience Your forgiveness. I receive second, third, fourth and one-hundredth chances. And I am the recipient of the greatest reality of all – how You never give up on me.

Thank You, Lord, for love so real, powerful and transforming – it even works on me!

I pray this in the name of Jesus who does all of this for You for me – Amen.