I look at the world – and I look for hope. I look at people I know – and I look for hope. I look at me – and I look for hope. But I have a confession to make. I’m usually not nearly as interested in looking for hope as I am looking for things to work out the way I want.

So I have a request to make. Do whatever it takes to help me know You’re the hope I’m looking for.

Be honest with me. Be tough on me. Be persistent in spite of me. Until I truly experience the depth, breadth and wonder of Your hope.

Hope that is grace so powerful – I can never get in its way. Hope that is forgiveness so wonderful – I am relieved of guilt imagined and avoided. Hope that is transformation so complete – I see, think, feel, believe and act in brand new ways. Hope that is a miracle so real – I am able to live Your hope by just being me.

I pray this in the power of Jesus’ name – Amen.