Jesus Followers – A Holy Week Journey’ “Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing”

This is one of Bishop Gary Mueller’s nine 45-second video devotionals in a series about Jesus’ Journey through Holy Week into real life. You are invited to share them on your church website and social media, as well as your own Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can be downloaded at

Jesus Followers – A Holy Week Journey; Share Jesus’ Healing Love” – DOWNLOAD

Holy Week: Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Panicked religious leaders made one last-ditch effort to discredit Jesus in order to get rid of him. But just like he’d done so many times before, Jesus turned the tables on them and used their trap to make crystal clear what mattered most to God. So what does this mean for you 2000 years later? Keep the main thing the main thing – and the main thing is always going all-in with everything you’ve got to love God and your neighbor every single day.

Annual Conference 2018 – Sunday Worship Video Project

The worship team for Annual Conference 2018 is preparing a special video to be used during worship on Sunday at Annual Conference. We need your help! We are creating a video using clips of someone entering, and exiting a church. We need additional clips, shot and contributed by you.

  • Entrance video should be of a pastor and a layperson opening the doors to your church.
  • Exit video should be from the perspective of someone leaving the church.
  • Example videos are below.

Shooting requirements:

  • Use an iphone 7 or greater or an Android smartphone with HD, held sideways.
  • If you do not have one of these, shoot your video anyway, and we’ll use it if we can.
  • Sound doesn’t matter, as it will be replaced with music in the final video.

Send it in by April 30:

Example Videos:



Holy Week: Share Jesus’ Healing Love

Jesus entered the Temple, violently overturned the money-changers’ tables, and proclaimed, “My house was designated a house of prayer; you have made it a hangout for thieves.” Then – in that very same spot where the tables had been – Jesus healed those broken in body and spirit. So what does this mean for you 2000 years later? Resist every temptation to use God for your own benefit – and embrace every possible opportunity to share Jesus’ healing love with someone who needs it.

A Sunday Prayer 3/25/18

Dear Lord,

I want to experience Your presence. Be bowled over by Your love. Grow closer to You in unanticipated ways. Encounter You in surprising places. See You do things I can only dream about.

Help me look beyond what I see at first glance – so I can clearly see what You are doing. Help me see possibilities where I only see pain – so I can be overwhelmed with hope. Help me love You with every bit of my being – so I can return just a fraction of the grace with which You shower me.

I pray all of this for one simple reason – I want to be ‘all in’ for You.

In Jesus’ name – Amen.