There’s so much pain. Crushing pain. Heartbreaking pain. Joy-zapping pain. We know it breaks Your heart, just as it breaks ours. So we pray from the depth of our souls.

For children dying from starvation.

For addicts seeking sobriety one day at a time.

For spouses devastated by unfaithfulness.

For loved ones living in the fog of depression.

For friends dying from incurable diseases.

For families smothered by relentless poverty.

For citizens living in fear of their own governments.

And for all journeying through life apart from Your love.

Shower them with Your unconditional, transforming and eternal love. Give them Your healing and new life. Fill them with Your hope. And in the face of so much pain, thank You for giving us the privilege of being Your heart, words and hands.

We pray this in Jesus’ name.