A Sunday Prayer 2/4/18


Dear Lord,


People desperately need what You have.

They need hope. Abundant hope.

Real life hope.

Eternal hope.

Your hope.


So, Lord, pour out Your hope – and then pour it out some more.

On families facing eviction from their homes.

On teens living in neighborhoods filled with gang violence.

On addicts struggling with the devastation of their disease.

On children growing up in poverty that seems inescapable.

On citizens living in the clutches of brutal dictatorships.

On those facing the diagnosis of life-threatening illnesses.

On people of faith carrying hate in their hearts.

On those who long to experience the power of Your presence.

On all who journey through life separated from You.


And, Lord, pour it out on me.

Starting here.

Starting now.

Because I know You are Hope.

Now and forever more.